Grundfos: Digital dosing pumps

In close cooperation with Grundfos, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed a product line of digital dosing pumps, which are ground-breaking in terms of accuracy, flexibilty and operational reliability.

Grundfos’ digital dosing pumps are made to do precise dosing of chemicals in water treatment applications. The pumps are a result of a ground-breaking technology that, by means of a stepping motor, makes it possible to dose with total accuracy compared to traditional pumps' use of an electromagnet as power source. In contrast to competing products, the dynamic area is much greater (1:1000) and the pumps are easy to handle in terms of installation, setting and operation.   

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) market analysis, (2) concept development, (3) product development of prototypes, (4) manufacturing of prototypes, (5) test of prototypes, and (6) preparation of manufacturing.

Upon developing the dosing pumps up to 48 l/h, DANSK TEKNOLOGI was charged with expanding the programme with a line of larger dosing pumps comprising the area of 0.075 l/h to 940 l/h.

DANSK TEKNOLGI has cooperated with Grundfos for almost 30 years. Totally, around 50 projects have been completed.

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