DANSK TEKNOLOGI has extensive experience in rational manufacturing of high-technology solutions.

Since its founding, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has done manufacturing for leading Danish and international companies. In some cases, the manufacturing is done as an integrated part of a development project, whereas DANSK TEKNOLOGI in other instances functions as a general manufacturing partner.

Manufacturing examples cover a wide range of industries and applications, and include 55,000 printer filters (HP, Canon, IBM, Siemens and others), 600+ airless atomizer nozzles (Grundfos), 19 production systems for sorting used flight catering tableware (Gate Gourmet) and 9 production systems for single-use catheters (Maersk Medical).

Manufacturing Projects 
Examples of manufacturing projects completed by DANSK TEKNOLOGI:
4 offshore BLUNOX SCR Systems for Maersk Drilling. Developed, manufactured and installed
200+ NoNOx Urea Dosing Systems for Grundfos. Developed and manufactured
19 flight catering systems (Stripping Systems) for Gate Gourmet. Developed, manufactured and installed
6 assembly systems for NovoLet insulin pen for Novo Nordisk. Developed, manufactured and installed
3 water jet cutting robots for Lumetech. Developed and manufactured
9 production systems for single-use catheters for Maersk Medical. Developed, manufactured and installed 
900 transport pallets for SAS Service Partner. Developed and manufactured
6 robot systems for brake pads for Roulunds. Developed, manufactured and intalled
55,000 printer filters (MINOZON) for HP, Canon, IBM, Siemens et al. Developed and manufactured
600+ airless atomizer nozzles for Grundfos. Developed and manufactured
9 automated storage and cooling systems (Shuttles) for Gategourmet. Developed, manufactured and installed
50 radar tracking systems (TrackMan Radar Units) for TrackMan. Developed and manufactured 
16 BLUNOX SCR Systems for the Royal Danish Navy and ship owners. Developed, manufactured and installed
18 water disinfection systems (BacTerminators) for Adept. Developed, manufactured and installed

Outline of general project cases


BLUNOX SCR Systems in Danish Maritime Magazine

"... Innovative Danish company develops new SCR technology that eliminates up to 95 % of NOx emissions from ship engine combustion. And retrofitting can be achieved without space problems. It may sound too good to be true, but the system has already been tested by the Royal Danish Navy (RDN), who has ordered retrofitting of 6 vessels bringing the total order from the RDN up to 12 SCR systems..."

T. Lund on Maersk Gallant
The first of many drilling rigs with FOXHOLE technology