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TrackMan: TrackMan Radar Unit

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has participated in the development of a revolutionary radar that provides precise analysis and graphic illustration of golfers’ swing and ball flight.

Based on the Doppler radar technology, a computer gives golfers a precise analysis (online and in 3D) of their swing and ball flight - including graphic illustrations of the stroke and the statistical data respectively.

TrackMan Radar Unit has set the industry standard within accuracy, flexibility and data reliability, and the system is used globally by leading golf authorities (e.g. USGA, PGA Tour og R&A) and by professional golfers listed in the top of the global league.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been in charge of the mechanical development, which comprises (1) concept development, (2) detail construction, (3) manufacturing, and (4) assembly of prototype and first production series.

Official introduction video of TrackMan Radar Unit

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