Thomas Lund: Founder and CEO 

Graduated as M.Sc. in 1973
In 1973, Thomas Lund graduated as M.Sc. from the Technical University of Denmark with the marks "First class with distinction". From 1973-1982, he was active in teaching and research at the Technical University of Denmark. 

Founded DANSK TEKNOLOGI in 1982
At the age of 32, Thomas Lund founded DANSK TEKNOLOGI. Since the foundation, he has been the company's owner and Chief Executive Officer for the group of companies, comprising DANSK TEKNOLOGI Holding ApS, DANSK TEKNOLOGI Udviklingsaktieselskab, DANSK TEKNOLOGI Produktionsaktieselskab, TL AKTIV ApS and TL Holding ApS. Furthermore, Thomas Lund has served as interim CTO for the Grundfos Group in 10 months since 1 May 2019.

Responsible for more than 950 R&D projects
Thomas Lund has been responsible for more than 950 R&D projects within:
    Product development
    Business development
    Manufacturing technology
    Assembly technology

Most of the projects have been carried out in cooperation with world leaders such as AIRBUS, IBM, Rank Xerox, Grundfos, Danfoss, the A.P. Moller - Maersk Group, Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Carlsberg, Bang & Olufsen, Hewlett-Packard, Gate Gourmet, and BAE Systems.

Pioneering achievements
Several projects have been at the forefront of new technology with pioneering achievements in areas such as:
    Off-shore drilling technology
    Office automation products
    Airline catering
    Disposable hospital products
    Special purpose robots
    Automatic manufacturing systems
    NOx-reduction systems for diesel engines on trucks, busses, ships and offshore drilling rigs

Awards and patented products
Several of the products developed are internationally awarded, e.g. the NovoLet insulin pen for Novo Nordisk and the NoNOx Urea Dosing System for Grundfos. A wide range of products are also patented worldwide, e.g. the FOXHOLE-technology for A.P. Moeller-Maersk.

Author of a number of publications
Thomas Lund is the author of a number of publications. Internationally well-known are "Design for Assembly" and "Montagegerechtes Konstruieren" (Springer Verlag). Also, he is editor of "Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on Industrial Robots" (IFS Publications, 1990).

Speaker and chairman at international conferences
Thomas Lund has functioned as speaker and chairman at a substantial number of international conferences within integrated product development, robot technology and design for assembly.

Board member in several leading companies
Thomas Lund has been member of board in several leading companies, including the group board of Grundfos (1988-2011), the board of Poul Due Jensen's Fund and the central board of Danish Industry (DI), the board of CO-RO Holding A/S and CO-RO Food A/S. 

Today, Thomas Lund has the following positions of trust: 
    Member of the Grundfos Group Technology Committee
    Member of the Research and Education Committee at the Association of Danish Industries
    Board member in Adept Water Technologies
    Member of the Royal Danish Defence College Advisory Board
    Member of the InnoBoosters Investment Panel

Thomas Lund privately
Thomas Lund is married to Jette Lund. Together, they have three children.


Thomas Lund in Berlingske

"... The world's first disposable insulin pen for Novo Nordisk, digital dosing pumps for Grundfos and a new drilling technology for Maersk. The inventions from Thomas Lund and his company cover a wide field, and more conspicuous projects are on their way..."

T. Lund on Maersk Gallant
The first of many drilling rigs with FOXHOLE technology

Two BLUNOX SCR Systems installed on trawler