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In close cooperation with AIRBUS, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed the innovative galley concept "SPICE Galley".

SPICE (Space Innovative Catering Equipment) is a high-tech, sturdy kitchen system, which possesses major advances in weight savings, space efficiency and crew usability. The system is designed to reduce crew workload by assisting with and eliminating many of the most labor intensive lifting and handling taks.

SPICE Galley received the "Crystal Cabin Award" in 2007.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) product development of galley, transfer table and trolleys, (2) manufacturing of functional models and prototypes, (3) test of prototypes, and (4) manufacturing and supply of complete galley system for implementation and testing in AIRBUS cabin mock up.

During the year-long cooperation with AIRBUS, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has completed more than 10 different development projects.

Official AIRBUS video of SPICE Galley

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