Grundfos: NoNOx Urea Dosing System

In close cooperation with Grundfos, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed the NoNOx Urea Dosing System, which eliminates NOx emissions from diesel engines.

NoNOx is part of an overall technology, which significantly reduces the toxic NOx particles from diesel engines' exhaust gas with the use of urea. NoNOx doses urea in such exact proportions that a catalyst (SCR) is able to reduce up to 90% of the NOx particles.

Reduction of NOx emissions in truck and bus applications is required, cf. EU directives on NOx emissions.

NoNOx has been awarded with Ingeniørens "Danish Product Award 2006", "European Business Award for the Environment" and "European Environmental Press Award 2009". The judges' reasoning for the first award quoted is the following:

"... Emission from heavy diesel vehicles is a significant source of pollution and a huge technological challenge. Now, however, the challenge has been overcome...(...)... The environment impact is big, and the product has significant market potential within the European market..."

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) mechanical product development (2) manufacturing of functional models and prototypes, (3) test of prototypes, and (4) 0-series production of more than 200 systems.

DANSK TEKNOLGI has worked with Grundfos for almost 30 years. Totally, around 50 projects have been completed.

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