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A.P. Moller - Maersk: FOXHOLE technology

DANSK TEKNOLGI has developed a revolutionary technology for significant improvement of the productivity of drilling rigs and drill ships.

The FOXHOLE technology entails that a number of operations, traditionally done in series at the bore hole, are shifted to an assisting hole, the so-called FOXHOLE. Here, the operations are completed as preparatory work, while the operation of the actual bore hole continues in parallel. This allows a dramatic time saving of 25-30% of the time it takes to drill a hole. A further achievement is the improved pipe handling automation with subsequent workforce savings and significantly improved safety.

The patented technology is so revolutionary that it has become the de facto industry standard, and now more than 300 drilling rigs and drill ships have been built to operate in accordance with the procedure described in the FOXHOLE patent.

With Thomas Lund (DANSK TEKNOLOGI) as the inventor, the technology is patented in several geographies, and in the drilling industry, the patent is regarded as being extremely robust and difficult to bypass due to its fundamental character.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) development of the FOXHOLE technology, (2) preparation of the patent, and (3) working up the drill floor layout design for Maersk Gallant, the first drilling rig worldwide with the technology implemented.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has completed more than 80 projects for companies in the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group.

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