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Grundfos: BioBooster

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been closely involved in the early development of a water purifying plant based on ultrafiltration membranes.

BioBooster is a compact, portable and scalable water purifying plant based on ultrafiltration membranes. The system purifies much faster than traditional systems, and its flexible features makes it easy to convert and move around according to the customer's need.

BioBooster was awarded with Ingeniørens "Danish Product Award 2007" for the following reasons:

“... Until now, wastewater treatment has mainly been a task for the construction business. Every time, it has required building and construction of a large, static plant. Now, Grundfos has transferred all necessary technology into an industrial product and packed the whole process in containers, so the system becomes a component in line with e.g. an emergency power plant. The product has required development of a new technology, which combines mechanical and biological treatment. Presumably, BioBooster has very good future potential...”

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been deeply involved in (1) concept development, (2) idea generation, (3) product development of prototype, and (4) construction of prototype.

DANSK TEKNOLGI has cooperated with Grundfos for almost 30 years. Totally, around 50 projects have been completed.

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