Personal Data Policy for DANSK TEKNOLOGI

The personal data policy applies to DANSK TEKNOLOGI and to all other companies in the Group, hereinafter referred to as the DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group.

The policy must help to ensure and document that the DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group protects all personal data in accordance with the terms and conditions of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The policy also informs about the processing and use of the registered personal data.

1. List of personal data being processed

The DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group processes personal information about:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Supplier

Personal data is a prerequisite for the DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group to enter employment-, customer- and supplier contracts.

2. Purpose and legality

Personal data is processed and archived in connection with:

  • Personnel administration, including recruitment, contract, employee interviews, resignation and payroll.
  • Main data for customers in relation to ordinary correspondence, agreement on cooperation, contracts, invoicing etc.
  • Main data for vendors in relation to general correspondence, offers, purchases, invoicing etc.

We use only the personal information for the purposes mentioned, and we collect only the information that is required for the purpose.

3. Storage and deletion

The DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group has introduced the following general guidelines for storing and deleting personal data:

  • Personal information is stored in physical folders.
  • Personal information is stored in IT systems and server drives.
  • Personal data is kept for as long as necessary for the purpose of the treatment.
  • Personal data for employees will be deleted/destroyed five years after termination of employment, and personal data on applicants will be deleted after a maximum of six months.

4. Data security

The DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group has implemented the following security measures for the protection of personal data:

  • Only employees who have a work-related need for access to the registered personal data have access to it either physically or through IT systems with rights management.
  • All computers have a password.
  • Computers must have installed firewall and antivirus software that is regularly updated.
  • Personal data is properly deleted by phasing out and repairing IT equipment.
  • Physical folders about employees are placed in locked cabinets.
  • All employees must be instructed in the processing and protection of personal data.

5. Data transfer

Personal data about employees may be disclosed to public authorities, eg. Tax and pension.

6. Data Processors

The DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group exclusively employs data providers who can guarantee that they will implement the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to meet the requirements of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation.


7. Privacy policy in relation to cookies

Policy for processing and protection of personal data collected via our website

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser. A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread computer viruses or other malware. In most browsers, you can delete and manage the administration of cookies. You can read more about the options in the setup guide of your browser.

The DANSK TEKNOLOGI Group uses only a standard tool that records the number of visits to our website, which domains the visitors come from and what pages they look at. We use this statistic to improve and target your experience with the website.

8. Change of information, etc.

If you wish to update, change or delete personal information that we have registered about you, please contact us at e-mail: You can also write to us at the following address:

Østre Teglværksvej 24
DK-3450 Allerød
Ref .: GDPR

The current personal data policy can be found on our website at any time. Any changes, adjustments, revisions, etc. will be valid from the time of publication on the website.

Prepared on April 30, 2018
Last revised on May 17, 2018