DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed an eco-filter, which has been marketed and sold to almost all leading manufacturers of laser printers. In total, 55,000 copies have been manufactured and sold.  

In 1988, MINOZON was launched as the world's first external eco-filter for laser printers and photocopiers.

The filter functions as an active air filter, which effectively removes harmful exhaust from laser printers and photocopiers. The exhaust is collected, and afterwards the paper and toner dust is filtered out, the chemical residues are retained and the ozon is 100% decomposed into oxygen.

Up until 1998, MINOZON was marketed and sold in cooperation with leading printer manufacturers (Canon, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Rank Xerox, Siemens, OKI, Olivetti and Kyocera) and recommended by recognized testing agencies.

The MINOZON printer filter has been a large commercial succes with manufacturing and sales of 55,000 copies by DANSK TEKNOLOGI. 

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