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Maersk Drilling: BLUNOX SCR Systems on 'Mærsk Innovator'

For Maersk Drilling and a leading oil company, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a turn-key BLUNOX SCR catalyst solution for the drilling rig ‘Mærsk Innovator’. The BLUNOX Systems remove 97% of the diesel generator's toxic NOx emissions.

The Mærsk Innovator is one of two identical ultra harsh environment jack-ups in Maersk Drilling’s fleet. These rigs are amongst the largest and most advanced jack-up rigs in the world.

Thanks to its Digital Airless Multipoint technology, our BLUNOX SCR Systems fully meet the tough challenge posed by the frequent engine load changes required by the operation of a drilling rig. The operational pattern necessitates fast, precise and dynamic urea dosing and injection, which is delivered by our proprietary BLUNOX Digital Urea Dosers.


DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) development of the BLUNOX Digital Airless Multipoint technology (2) detailed design (3) manufacturing (4) installation & commissioning. Furthermore, DANSK TEKNOLOGI is responsible for ongoing service.

A total of 4 SCR systems were retrofitted on Mærsk Innovator during which time no complete power-out occured, and a short 3 days end-to-end down-time during installation on specific engines being retrofitted, which included cutting down and removal of the old exhaust systems.

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