Adept Water Technologies: BacTerminator®

In close cooperation with Adept, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed and manufactured the BacTerminator water disinfection systems.

BacTerminator is a product line of water disinfection systems. The systems are based on a patented electro-chemical technology that converts the naturally occurring salt in water into biocides. The biocides create a powerful disinfecting effect, and the process happens without affecting the water quality.

The systems are approx. 25 times more effective than the chemical based chlorine processes, most often used for water disinfection. Furthermore, the BacTerminator systems cut costs by making it possible to reuse water and to improve water quality, water hygiene and the working environment.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) concept development, (2) detail construction, (3) manufacturing, (4) assembly, and (5) installation.

In total, 18 systems have been manufactured and delivered.   

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