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Gate Gourmet: Stripping System

In close cooperation with Gate Gourmet, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed and manufactured a production system for sorting of flight catering tableware and garbage.

”Stripping System” is a large production system that sorts all flight catering tableware and garbage coming from flight passenger all over the world.

Great emphasis has been put on good working conditions, easy cleaning, operational effectivity, minimal maintenance and easy error detection. The ideas behind the system have been patented by Gate Gourmet.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) concept development, (2) detail construction, (3) manufacturing, (4) assembly, and (5) installation. Furthermore, DANSK TEKNOLOGI is responsible for ongoing service.

In total, 19 systems (including spares) have been delivered and installed in Geneva, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Manila, Billund, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Perth, Mexico City, Brussels and Atlanta respectively.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has completed more than 25 projects for Gate Gourmet, including 9 high bay warehouse systems ("Shuttles") for storing and cooling of 150 flight trolleys.

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