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Gate Gourmet: Shuttle

In close cooperation with Gate Gourmet, DANSK TEKNOLGI has developed an automatic high bay warehouse system (shuttle) for storing and cooling of 150 flight trolleys.

The system consists of a tower (18 meter tall) with a build-in hoist for moving up and down the flight trolleys. A data base controls the final placement of the trolleys, while the operator’s task consists of operating the shuttle and delivering and collecting the trolleys at the entrance. 

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) concept development, (2), detail construction, (3) manufacturing, (4) assembly, and (5) installation. Upon installation, DANSK TEKNOLOGI is responsible for continuous service.

In total, 9 systems have been manufactured and delivered.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has completed more than 25 projects for Gate Gourmet.

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