Danish Slaughterhouses: Skatole analyzer

In close cooperation with Danish Slaughterhouses, DANSK TEKNOLOGI has developed and manufactured a fully automated laboratory system for skatole analysis of pigs.

The purpose of the skatole analyzer is to analyse, whether or not the meat of the individual pig can be used for dishes to be heated. The skatole level is automatically found from a small specimen of the fatty tissue of the slaughtered pig. For levels above 0,16ppm, you will have a risk of "boar smell", and hence the meat of the pig cannot be used for dishes to be heated.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has been responsible for (1) concept development, (2) detail construction, (3) manufacturing, (4) assembly, and (5) installation.

In total, 3 analyzers have been manufactured and delivered.

DANSK TEKNOLOGI has completed more than 30 development projects for Danish Slaughterhouses.

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